Jill and Wyatt  Powers are  a special team.- each with individual skills.  Jill offers a commitment to help you find the root causes to your home issues. She helped us find the resources to discover what was problematic. Jill is a great listener and Wyatt has some clear technical skills and sharp observation. We felt the problems we presented were taken seriously with determination to get to the bottom of things until resolved. J. Shapiro and B. Barish

I want to reach out and say thank you for your service! The patience taken in explaining this new information to me throughout the survey is much appreciated.  I was most focused on the bedroom corrections, but it was disturbing how unhealthy office my office space was. The time you took to outline solutions is outstanding – the $12 investment suggested in the network equipment is working perfectly and I’m sleeping much better– thank you again.  N. LaPointe

PowerSafe Spaces performed a whole-home evaluation for me. They were especially efficient and intelligibly informative by explaining each step of what they were doing. The suggested changes needed for each of the sitting and sleeping spaces where I spend most of my time also helped me feel better about my home. What I found most helpful were the easy, cost-effective solutions they advised to mitigate my exposure to radiation. — J. Shamosh

Wyatt and Jillian came to measure our home due to my high sensitivity to EMF. I suspected there was a problem in one of my bedrooms. They confirmed that there was a concern and found the source of the issue – a wiring error in one of my closets. They were so patient and thorough in checking all other possible sources in our home and gave us a list of their measurements along with advice on how to mitigate the problem areas. I was very relieved to learn how to have a healthier home and how to protect myself and the family. — L. Erwin

Jill and Wyatt performed a home assessment for us recently. I learned more about the different types of radiation and their possible impacts to health. Their screening of the rooms and feedback was very thorough and reassuring. I learned a few quick fixes on safety and reducing exposure to EMFs during their time here. — J. Bufkin