Image of a room with wavy lines going across the center, imitating electrical frequencies.

***We follow Covid 19 Safety Protocols including: the use of masks indoors, and anytime around others, hand sanitizer and maintaining clean equipment.

Steps of the Assessment:

We Offer Full Healthy Home, Apartment, Condo or Office EMR (EMF) Evaluations. Testing for electromagnetic radiation (EMR) includes a full evaluation of electric, magnetic, radio frequency and dirty electricity field exposure. Tests are conducted in long term exposure areas of the space such as bedrooms, offices and playrooms. Recommendations for exposure mitigation will be based on the detection results made at that time.

  1. You will receive a pre-assessment information via phone, email or in person.
  2. We will provide cost estimate and set an appointment.
  3. We will conduct testing with our equipment to identify sources of EMR in high use areas including:
    • Electric current on water pipes and other grounding sources, wiring errors, and power lines, all causing magnetic field EMR.
    • Unshielded plastic-jacketed circuits (Romex) in walls and floors of sleeping areas, causing electric field EMR that rob of us of a deep, restorative sleep.
    • Wireless devices, including cordless telephones, routers, computers and tablets, cell phones, smart electric meters, and neighboring cell towers, all of which cause radio frequency EMR.
    • Dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), variable speed furnace motors, front-load washing machines, and computers and printers, all of which cause so-called “dirty electricity” which is technically electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  4. We will provide mitigation recommendations to reduce EMR exposure.
    • Practical and cost-effective remedial measures are recommended. Most solutions are implemented at the time of the evaluation, while some may require the services of a qualified electrician, plumber and/or low voltage audio/video contractor. You may need to purchase shielding equipment and/or adapters to provide hardwired solutions for phone, internet and media (streaming TV) connectivity.
  5. We will provide a handout with helpful hints to reduce exposure in general.


  • A preliminary 15 minute consultation is available at no charge.
  • Consultation services are available by phone and in person. Rates depend on the size of the space to be measured, the location, the amount of residents and bedrooms, starting at $250. We also offer a sliding scale. Contact us for more information.
  • We provide service within 30 miles of Albuquerque. Longer distances will be charged an additional mileage rate.


The measurements requiring physical connection to building wiring are conducted according to the best electrical practices as instructed by the Building Biology Institute®. PowerSafe Spaces LLC and its specialists are not responsible for any physical damage to electrical outlets or house power distribution system arising from loose, defective, or brittle receptacles or improper wiring. The results relate only to the items tested.

PowerSafe Spaces LLC uses only professional test standard meters when conducting environmental assessments. We have complete confidence in the workmanship, sensitivity and accuracy of the equipment we use.

The discussions and measurements in assessment reports or consultation are based only on single (one time) results and may not be repeatable if conditions in the home change, or if the results are collected during a different period of time.

A note about our equipment:

We have specialized equipment to measure the four main types of radiation (EMR/EMFs) that are found in and outside the home or work space. These are: electric, magnetic, radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) also known as dirty electricity. We use the following equipment to measure:

  • Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 Triple Axis Electric and Magnetic Field Analyzer. Frequency Range (5 Hz – 1,000 kHz)
  • Gigahertz Solutions HF59B (27 MHz – 3.3 GHz)
  • Safe and Sound Pro (400 MHz – 7.2 GHz)
  • Extech 3000A clamp meter (0 – 3,000 A)
  • Greenwave Broadband EMI meter (3 kHz – 10,000 kHz)
  • Stetzerizer Microsurge meter (10 kHz – 100 kHz)
  • Greenwave Filters variety pack

Though we hope any included recommendations will lead to a healthier life, no statement or information provided by the assessment, reports, website, or phone consultations are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The reader, viewer or listener is advised to discuss the information provided with an authorized healthcare practitioner. PowerSafe Spaces LLC shall not be liable for any health effects arising due to recommendations made by the assessment, reports, web site, or related phone consultations.

PowerSafe Spaces LLC will not perform an assessment for anyone seeking to file a lawsuit based upon electromagnetic radiation levels. Assessment results are not suitable for litigation purposes.